woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Cool tools for Schools

Cool tools for Schools is a nice website with - as the title already implies - lots of cool tools which teahcers can use in their classrooms. These tools are grouped in certain categories, like collaborative tools, video tools, audio tools, writing tools, etc. Every tool is ccompanied with a short discription, so teachers can quickly scan the lists with links to tools.
What2Learn is an example of a quiz tool. With this tool teachers can create quizes in the form of games.  Teachers can make an account and create quizes. They can create their own games or use pre-made games, like Underwater Mathematics. Then they can make accounts for their students, but it is not free. Student accounts cost £1,- per student, while teacher accounts are free. That is a major drawback of the tool. But when teachers actually order student accounts they can see their students' progress, which can be very helpful.
What2Learn is a very nice tool for teachers who want to test their students on declarative knowledge, and can be used for automatisation of procedures (like the mathematics example). This tool is not suitable for testing application and higer order cognitive skills.

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  1. I liked the underwater world, but I'm not sure if I would pay that much for a whole class.. even if I could see the progress of my students! What do you think?